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Delivery of food within 50 to 75 minutes our dishes are only freshly cooked on order and can take longer during busy times
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75 mins.
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25 mins.
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3:00pm - 11:00pm
Open 7 Days week
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3:00pm - 12:00am
Open 7 Days week
3:00pm - 11:00pm
Open 7 Days week
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Address & Location
Multan Tandoori Est. 1988
"Best Dining Experience of the Year"
Scottish Curry Award Winners
5 George Street
Tel: 0141 889 4426
Multan Tandoori Est. 1988
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Scottish Curry Award Winner 2021

Starters from Multan Tandoori Restaurant - Paisley

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.

Mango ChutneySuitable for Vegetarians£1.95Qty:
Mint Yoghurt (Milk)Suitable for Vegetarians£2.50Qty:
Mixed PickleSuitable for Vegetarians£1.95Qty:
PoppadumSuitable for Vegetarians£1.00Qty:
Seasonal Salad (Celery)Suitable for Vegetarians£2.50Qty:
Spiced OnionSuitable for Vegetarians£1.50Qty:
Chef's Choice
Fish Amritsari£11.95Qty:
Pacific Fish lightly battered and our Chef?s Secret Garlic Butter with Green Chilli batter.
Garlic Butter King Prawn£11.95Qty:
Pacific king prawns cooked in the tandoor then lightly pan-fried in our chefs? secret garlic butter sauce
Mix Platter For 2£10.95Qty:
A medley of Mixed Pakora, Chicken Chatt and Chicken Tandoori Wings
Tandoori Combo St£9.95Qty:
A medley of Chicken Chatt and Chicken Tandoori Wings
Delhi Delight
Dal Soup (spiced lentil)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.95Qty:
Dall soup is a soup based on lentils this is a wonderful standard dish in Indian cuisine.
Garlic Mushrooms£4.95Qty:
Jalapeno Cheese Bombers£4.25Qty:
Mozzarella Sticks£4.25Qty:
Spicy Chicken Wings£3.95Qty:
Spring RollsSuitable for Vegetarians£4.25Qty:
Vegetable SamosaSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
A samosa is a fried or baked pastry with a spicy potato filling. The filling is wrapped in dough and folded into a triangular or cone shape. Indian samosas are a popular street food often accompanied by various chutneys
Onion BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians
Indian crispy fritter with chopped onions and a light batter
Onion Bhaji Suitable for Vegetarians
Contains gluten
Cauliflower Pakora (Large)£6.50Qty:
Cauliflower Pakora (Regular)£4.50Qty:
Chicken & Veg Pakora (Large)£7.95Qty:
Chicken & Veg Pakora (Regular)£5.95Qty:
Chicken Breast Pakora (Large)£7.95Qty:
Chicken Breast Pakora (Regular)£5.95Qty:
Chicken Tikka Pakora (Large)£10.95Qty:
Chicken Tikka Pakora (Regular)£9.95Qty:
Fish Pakora (Large)£8.50Qty:
Fish Pakora (Regular)£6.50Qty:
King Prawn Pakora£11.95Qty:
Mixed Pakora (Large)£7.95Qty:
Mixed Pakora (Regular)£5.95Qty:
Mixed Veg Pakora (Large)£6.50Qty:
Mixed Veg Pakora (Regular)£4.25Qty:
Mushroom Pakora (Large)£6.25Qty:
Mushroom Pakora (Regular)£4.50Qty:
Onion Bhaji (Original)£4.95Qty:
Vegatable Pakora (Regular)£4.25Qty:
Vegetable Pakora (Large)£6.50Qty:
Poori (Gluten)
A light and thin pan fried chapatti stuffed with your choice. Contains gluten.
CHANNA PooriSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Chicken Poori£5.95Qty:
Chicken Tikka Poori£6.95Qty:
Paneer Poori Suitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Spicy Indian Cottage Cheese, warm Indian Spices,
Prawn Poori£5.95Qty:
Quorn PooriSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Tandoori Starters
All Tandoori starters are prepared in a Tandoor, a clay oven heated by charcoal. Starters are marinated for 24 hours in herbs and a special blend of Tandoori spices, then barbecued in the oven.
Chicken chatt (Starter)£4.95Qty:
Chicken tikka (Starter) £6.25Qty:
Lamb Tikka (Starter)£8.95Qty:
Tandoori chicken (Starter) £6.25Qty:
on the bone
Tandoori Chicken wings £4.25Qty:
Tandoori King Prawn (Starter) £9.95Qty:
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