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Monday to Thursday
4:00pm - 10:00pm
Free Delivery Stay Safe
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4:00pm - 11:00pm
Free Delivery Stay Safe
4:00pm - 10:00pm
Free Delivery Stay Safe
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MULTAN Tandoori Est:1988
"Best Dining Experience of the Year"
Scottish Curry Award Winners
5 George Street
Tel: 0141 889 4426
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Multi Award winning Restaurants South west of Scotland

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Dear Customers,


As the COVID19 guidelines become more eased, we were happy to set up and open our dining area for those who wished to visit us.

However, as the time goes, we have been quite hesitant over the risks in which may arise towards our customers as well as our staff by continuing our face to face dining service. Therefore, we made the decision to discontinue these services for this time being. 

Our major priority here is health and safety and we do not wish for any complications to arise upon anybody in the Paisley community as well as our customers and staff. 

This decision is simply to reduce any unpredicted risks and we as an establishment can do our part by putting our main priority first and taking this decision.  

We truly thank our customers who have been supported us during this unprecedented time as you all have been keeping us going with your love and support. Our collection and delivery services will remain the same by ordering from our website and/or over the phone. 

We do wish for everyone to stay safe for this time being and thank you all for understanding.

Best Regards,

Your Sincerely

For and on the behalf of Inspired 

Multan Tandoori
5 George Street

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